IAS Mains Test Series in Lucknow


  • IAS Mains Test Series includes total 12 Test. 
  • 4 Test will be based on UPSC Mains GS Papers (1 Test for each GS Papers). 
  • 1 Test will be based on IAS/UPSC Optional Paper and 1 Test on Essay writing. 
  • 6 Test will be full length Test and based on IAS/UPSC Mains Exam Pattern.
  • After joining this Test Series, you can improve your IAS/UPSC Mains Exam answer writing skills.
  • Faculties of UPSCGETWAY IAS will always be available to guide you about UPSC Mains answer writing skills and will give you real feedback.


IAS Mains Test Series

IAS Mains Test Series


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